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Holistic Personal Training

 Jonathan says..."During the last 10 months I’ve lost 2 stone, my asthma has improved tremendously, and I am much fitter."

  • Imagine your life living in a fit, lean, healthy body.
  • The fastest way to accelerate your fitness and transform your body!
  • Helping you to move, look and feel amazing!
  •   Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle and Positive Mental Attitude plan.
  • Empowering you to make changes  reducing and maintaining body size (weight loss).  Tone up.  Increase Strength. Confidence. Motivation. Performance and Vibrant Health.
 Accelerator Hypnosis

Carley loves that she's released 38lbs in 5 months! Down from a size 16 to size 10!  Totally changed my relationship with food.  More confident too. Thank you."

  • Remove blocks for good with the revolutionary Rapid Transformational Therapy.
  • Move on with your life with nothing holding you back.    
  • Feel compelled internally to stick with your new habits and empowering beliefs about yourself.
  •  Empowering you to make changes  reducing and maintaining body size (weight loss).  Tone up.  Increase Strength. Confidence. Motivation. Performance and Vibrant Health..
Life Coaching

Healthy mind for a healthy body and a healthy body for a healthy mind!  Ultimate 'all in one package'.  Love your life and your body. 

  • Take control and shape your future.  
  • Cultivate Positive Mental Attitude.
  • Create and stick to new healthy habits for the longterm difference.
  • Give meaning and enrichment to your life.
  •  The fastest way to advance confidently with your life.

The Positive Club

“Accountability, Consistency and Support keeps me on track. My life just keeps getting better and better” so says Ryan.

  • Inspiring you with revolutionary  Mind and Body Health, Fitness and Happiness solutions in all aspects of your Life. 
  •   Be part of something amazing with positive 'like minded' people.
  •  Discover how living positive completely changes your life!
  • Attract and delight in your vibrant health and happiness from the way that you think.
  • Join friendly group of 'like minded' people.  Safe, welcoming, kind, uplifting, friendly and inclusive. You deserve to be happy and healthy.  Give yourself the gift of wellness personal development.  All made easy, so you can make important changes to your life and maximise your health. 
  •  We meet online using Zoom and ''in person' at the Hayling Island Community Centre.
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Positively change your thinking to Positively Change your life...

Hi my name is Anna Scanlan and I help advancing men and women  upgrade their lives with ease.  I specialise in physical fitness for the body, thinking fitness for the mind, clearing practices to let go of blocks and Lifestyle Coaching for happy, healthy, success living. 

My mission is to help people get more out of life by having a fit, healthy, strong, body. Develop healthy lifestyle habits.  Cultivate positive mental attitude.  Embrace personal development as this is so powerful to actualize the life, the body, the relationships, the money, the lifestyle, fill in the blank _____________ that you truly desire. 

I am fascinated, obsessed and extremely passionate about, how we can we live better, get more out of life and have a body that's healthy, in good shape so we can do more, be more, have more and give more.  Your success is my success.  It's the most satisfying job in the world to help people realise their potential and go beyond expectations.  It is such a joy to lift people up and enjoy life to the fullest.  

For the past 30 years I have been in the people business as a Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor, Healthy Lifestyle Obsessive, Personal Development enthusiast and more recently hold a licence to practice Rapid Transformational Therapy.  

We are all living longer.  Remember back in the 1920's, people died at 50 years!  That was normal.  Today, average age for a woman is 81 years.  So how do we prepare to live better and well in the time over 50 years!  When 70 becomes the new 50 and 60 becomes the new 40.  I am  always looking for solutions as we age.  Looking, feeling young until the day we die.  Taking care of yourself should be your top priority.  

I love inspiring people to get into great habits and be motivated to stay on track.  It's the repetition plus coaching and support for sustainable ever lasting results.  I am right on your case (in a good way).  Supporting you, encouraging you and being there.  

I've formed the positive club as change happens in lots of different ways. The combination of focussed coaching and training plus a regular group setting to share the journey with others.  This is so motivating and great to be sociable.  I am looking to develop an in person Positive Club Days by the sea.  Keep checking back for info.  




Anna Scanlan

Holistic Personal Trainer

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Hypnosis Therapy


Young and Youthful Forever Inspirer

My Healthy Lifestyle
Since 2020

What Others Say


My situation before, overeating, snacking a lot between meals and gaining weight.  RTT has totally worked, my appetite feels completely regulated and the thought that ‘over eating is something I used to do’ and ‘I am a moderate and sensible eater’ has totally resonated with me. I have completely hit the target and I am eating when hungry at meal times and - as  suggested - simply forgetting about food for hours afterwards.  Now, I am able to maintain my ideal body size and feel more healthy.  


 49 years, England


First session with the recording was clear, pleasant, peaceful and beneficial. 
I did want to say that your trustworthiness makes it all work. Yes you have a skill and a superb system. I appreciate that very much. I also appreciate kindness and heartfelt compassion. I deeply respect your work and believe you make the world a better place just being yourself. 


70 years, Writer


As a woman in a mans world, wanted more confidence in negotiation.   One RTT session rewired me for success and my belief in myself has caused positive results all areas of the business.  I feel an inner belief and confidence in myself.  This has raised my performance in business and my sport as a polo player.


49 years  London