Catherine // England

My situation before, overeating, snacking a lot between meals and gaining weight.  RTT has totally worked, my appetite feels completely regulated and the thought that ‘over eating is something I used to do’ and ‘I am a moderate and sensible eater’ has totally resonated with me. I have completely hit the target and I am eating when hungry at meal times and - as  suggested - simply forgetting about food for hours afterwards.  Now, I am able to maintain my ideal body size and feel more healthy.  

Natasha // London

As a woman in a mans world, wanted more confidence in negotiation.   One RTT session rewired me for success and my belief in myself has caused positive results all areas of the business.  I feel an inner belief and confidence in myself.  This has raised my performance in business and my sport as a polo player.

Carol // Writer

First session with the recording was clear, pleasant, peaceful and beneficial. 
I did want to say that your trustworthiness makes it all work. Yes you have a skill and a superb system. I appreciate that very much. I also appreciate kindness and heartfelt compassion. I deeply respect your work and believe you make the world a better place just being yourself. 

Vanessa Wright // England

Feeling defeated and just fed up, since having the kids I was struggling to get anywhere close to what I was before. I just wanted to loose weight and for the weight to stay off and not have to diet and feel like I'm missing out on the pleasures of life. The 3 RTT sessions, support and healthy tips helped me to stay on track. I am now a size 12, a moderate eater and make healthy food choices automatically. I feel motivated and want to take great care of myself and feel more worthy and self confident in myself. I no longer have sweet cravings and feel confident when eating out to ask for the healthy option, without feeling pressure to fit in and eat something I shouldn't really be eating. I have a savoury tooth now and no longer have the desire to drink alcohol. I would highly recommend Anna and the RTT experience. It has completely changed my life.

Carly Newman  // England

Bit skeptical to start with, tried lots of different diets. Decided to try something a bit different and I am so glad I did!Finally something that works as I lost 38lbs over 5 months and dropped 3 dress sizes!  Down from a size 16 to a size 10. It feels so fantastic to now be slim.
The original target was to wear a size 10 dress to the Goodwood races
which I did! Looking back on the pics always makes me feel so chuffed to bits. It feels so good to fit into smaller clothes and have the waist band feel loose!  I keep on listening to my recording to have the messages compounded and I always have a target of the races in the Summer and winter sun beach body for January to hold the visualisation of my size 10 body. This is who I am now! I am so happy and totally owning my new body the slimmer me.
Using this type of hypnosis therapy has successfully transformed me. I feel more confident too. It’s easy, relaxing and I would highly recommend Anna’s services.