Empower yourself and shape your future with Personal Development Coaching.

Experience a powerful shift and move on from your past with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  Install new empowering beliefs deep into your subconscious mind so you can 'lock in' success in all areas of your life.

The Transformation Accelerator One Month experience is  delivered over zoom and telephone.  The RTT session uses the natural state of hypnosis. During the session you will be asked questions whilst in a relaxed, eyes closed state.  Rather like 'day dreaming' with your eyes closed.  Root cause is identified, reframed, interrupted, eliminated and your new empowering belief installed.  It is essential to commit to listening to your personalised recording for this Month.  The mind learns from repetition. 

The coaching calls work with the present to shape the future.  Designed to help you to focus on what you want There's power in focus and knowing what you want. This is your accelerator.  Getting clear, goal setting, planning, taking action, actually 'doing the thing' and being laser focussed on your goal, resulting in your transformation. Valuable Nutrition and Lifestyle tips provided too.  

This service is designed to be pandemic proof. By delivering the service on zoom from the the comfort, safety and convenience of your own home.  

Depending on the complexity of the issue and the possibility that extra support is needed it may well be advisable to continue for a further one or two months.  This will be decided at the end of your One Month. 

"This subconscious mind stuff really works! My relationship with family has completely changed for the better.  I  now feel   'good enough' , love my life and feel more confident."


Happy Customer

What's included in your Transformation Accelerator One Month Experience?

  • Consultation (1/2 Hour) by Zoom or Telephone
  • RTT Session (1.5 Hours) by Zoom
  • 2 Coaching Calls (1/2 Hour each call) by Zoom or Telephone
  • Personalised Audio Recording (15 minutes, listen every day)

Popular solutions in:-

  • Best body in size, health and fitness
  • Unstoppable Self Esteem
  • Radiant Confidence and Self Belief
  • Ultimate Performance in Sport or Work
  • Improve Relationships as you've done the personal work
  • Sleep well, wake rested
  • Stop addictions such as smoking, drinking, drugs and gambling
  • Health improvements, speedy recovery