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Why Diets Don’t Work

Why diets don’t work and the message out there is all wrong? 

Diets may work for a bit and then the weight comes piling back on and quite often the increase goes past the point of where you started.  Sound familiar? If diets worked there would be no need to keep coming up with the ‘new improved’ way, there would be the one that ‘works for ever’. It’s almost as if they are set up to fail so you go on another diet.  Spend more money.  More crap shakes. It’s no wonder when I meet clients, they say, I have tried everything. I’m just fed up with diets.  Just want something that works. 

It’s not your fault. The odds are stacked against us.

*We have literally been brain washed with advertisers making unacceptable foods sound healthy or cool.

*We have been programmed growing up in the way we eat, the choices and beliefs. Such as you can’t leave the table until you’ve finished all the food on your plate. As the adult, you still find yourself not wanting to ‘waste’ food. Even if you’re full you’ll find yourself finishing your plate!

*Diets don’t address what drives the choices.  I need it. I must have it. This food will make me feel better. Diets don’t stop the feelings.  The weight is a symptom and not the cause.

*The food we buy has hidden sugar in it and a mix of ingredients that can be extremely addictive.  Showing up as ‘bliss point’ foods.

*Meal portion sizes are huge with way too much on the plate. Coffee served in huge cups with an array of calorific milks and toppings.  Then there’s wine served in fish bowls.  Gone are the days of savouring food and drink.

*Food still being sold containing Transfat, such as pizza. Transfat is a foreign fat and not a natural substance going into your body. The body is unable to break it down so stored as fat. 

*There’s so much information out there and can be a little confusing.

*Most diets are restrictive and not sustainable.  Set up to fail.  Have you ever met anyone who enjoys their diet? Have you ever enjoyed being on a diet?

*Believing pasteurised cow’s milk is actually good for us!

*Rushed, on-the-go lifestyle, bolting food down, as there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. Eating this way will encourage you to eat more.  The reason is that when your stomach is full there is a half hour delay between the stomach registering to the brain that it’s full. Eating slowly and pausing after your moderate meal will aid that feeling of fullness.

*Lots of stress can affect your digestion. The more relaxed you are, the more you chew your food and the more you pause the less food you will need to eat as you’ll feel satisfied on less.

*Imaging cereals are good for you.  You might as well eat the cardboard box for the same nutritional value!

*Lifetime of exposure and conditioning with family, friends and fitting in with their eating habits.

*Resolve is too weak, and eager to please others and accept cake and such like.

*Forming beliefs, and developing a relationship with food that doesn’t serve you.

*Pressure to have your body look a certain way. Being unkind to yourself.

*Get so fed up, literally try anything. 

* Sedentary lifestyle with lots of sitting down jobs, driving and watching television.

*Associating take-aways as a ‘treat’!

*Not clear on what a healthy, balanced, wholesome, satisfying way of eating looks like.

*Got an idea what a healthy balanced, wholesome way of eating looks like but can never stick to it, takes too much time, or will be a hassle to cook separate meals as not all the family into the food.

RTT will break the cycles, the patterns, the beliefs and habits that you want to change.  The weight is like a symptom. There is a cause behind that.

One of the Marisa Peer’s Rules of the mind is that the minds job is to move you towards pleasure and away from pain. The pleasure of having an ice cream is short lived whereas having the body you want and fitting into the clothes in the size that you want and experiencing a loose waist band and having loads of energy is a long-term pleasure. Changing your thinking on just that one pleasure alone is a life changer.  Re-wiring you, reprogramming you at a subconscious level will transform you to form new beliefs, new habits and have a great relationship with food.

RTT Works = Changes your beliefs and habits for good. Helps you to gain understanding, make sense of your past, change the meaning, empower you, and install the new habit of keeping your focus and all your attention on the positives. Helps making healthy food choices automatic, this who I am and this is how I live.  Like vegetarians who are quite clear on what they eat and why they eat it.  Feel motivated to put your healthy lifestyle eating in place and feel motivated to live healthy this way for the rest of your life. 

RTT will delve deep into the beliefs you have about yourself.  Limiting beliefs come in various guises with the 4 typical core messages to include 1)I am not enough 2)What I want it not available to me 3)I am different to everyone else 4)I am not connected.  Upgrading your belief be it you are experiencing one or several of the above will massively impact your life. The more you value yourself, believe in yourself, appreciate yourself and have a great relationship with yourself the changes you seek the body you want the happiness and fulfilment will all come to you without the struggle.  Designed to happen automatically at a subconscious level. You are literally re-programmed for success. You are worth it and so is your magnificent body. 

Not only benefiting you but all those around you too.  My son, when he was at university called me and said ‘you’ve turned me into a health freak!’  His part of the shared fridge was fresh veg, salad and the other parts housed by his fellow students included packets of undesirable stuff (not going to call it food).  The best gift in the world is to eat healthy and set an example to your children and for your children to be healthy.  All will benefit.  Your personalised recording will compound and lay down your new neural pathways to always choose healthy. Many of my weight loss clients continue to listen to their personalised recording every day. They love re-wiring, brainwashing themselves and keeping those all serving neural pathways strong, invincible and where they want to be to maintain the body, the health, the energy and the lifestyle.

Coaching works = Straight forward healthy eating and lifestyle advice. A definite plan.  Know what to do. What choices to make. How to care for yourself to aid digestion and maintain where you want to be. How to boost your metabolism and have more energy.

Coaching is presented in an easy to understand and easy to follow way.

Food for thought… Was your food plucked from the ground, picked from a tree and is it in it’s natural form? Was it roaming free in an organic setting?  What’s the packaging doing to the food? (Have ever noticed how vacuum bag salads turn limp very quickly after being opened? That’s because chemical preservatives have been sprayed into the bag! Yuk)

Imagine if your body could talk to you?

*Please no poison and toxins. *Please no food that will inflame my stomach and make me feel uncomfortable.

*Have you forgotten my stomach is the size of a fist?  *Oh no, that food will make feel tired.

Remember your body is a living organism and all the cells in your body respond to your thinking and the food you fuel it with. 

Nourishing food and Nourishing thoughts for your healthy lifestyle. 

Keep smiling 

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